The story ~

Of chablends

not just tea, but an experience to remember.
Relish TEAs like never before.
Taste Chablends.

The beginning

A legacy of over 80 years in the ~ Indian tea industry ~ and a eureka moment is what led to the creation of Chablends.

since 2015

for generations

to come

Our story

Chablends curates the finest Indian tea leaves and crafts them into unique blends, using all-natural ingredients. Our teas are full-blown, savory, and wholesome. The freshest and authentic source for the online, direct source, and worldwide shipment is our artisanal tea blends. tea blends. No artificial colors. No additives. All-natural teas.

We take pride in our sourcing, as our dedicated farmers help us curate the best tasting teas from their magical gardens, based in ~ India — Darjeeling, Assam, China, Vietnam, and Nepal. ~ Our teas are crafted in small batches, helping us ensure the freshness of our products. We never choose flavor over health, you can expect 100% natural ingredients always.

We're Climate & Plastic neutral

To blend the perfect cha, we use the best that ~ nature has ~ to offer and through the latest technology, transform it into delectable tea RANGE.

HANDpicked from the farms of South Asia

Packaged fresh at the source

shipped directly to your doorstep

No middlemen involved, SHop direct

Get to ~

know us

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