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Quality ~

There is a growing demand for high-quality, ethically sourced tea and herbs in India. It’s critical for us and our consumers to know where our tea and herbs come from, as well as how they’re cultivated, processed, and packaged. When it comes to sourcing our tea, we are likewise devoted to worker rights and tair trade. Everything, we believe, has an energy component. Make certain you’re getting enough of the good things.

Because we want our consumers to enjoy the nicest cup of tea possible, we package our tea loose in pouches. Insted of using a teabag, an infuser allows the tea leaves and herbs to fully expand, allowing them to realise their full potential. It also helps our clients to appreciate Chablends’s commitment to quality when it comes to their tea. The long plucks and the elegance of the rolls are seen. It you let the leaves speak for themselves, they will give you a narrative.

Our teas are sourced from tea-growing countries such as India, China, Sri Lanka, and Japan. Our teas are all single-origin, which means they were farmed on a single estate or by a community cooperative. This results in a one-of-a kind cup of tea, as the terroir of a farm will bring out a combination of traits specific to that location of origin. We’re also sourcing herbs for our mixes and tisanes from local farms. Many herbs grow well in the Appalachian region, and we wish to work as closely as possible with our local agricultural community.

shipping & Returns ~

Orders of IN 500 or more receive free shipping. To receive periodic discounts deals and tree shipping promotions sign up tor our emall newslerter.

Monday through Friday, orders ordered before 2 p.m. IST will be sent the same day. Orders received after 2 p.m. on a weekday will be shipped the next day.

While Chablends does not accept returns, please contact us right away if you are unhappy with your purchase and we will work with vou to find a solution.

Offerings ~

No, we intend to provide our wholesale and retail customers with a wide range of teas, blends, and tisanes. Keep an eye out tor promotions and new offerings, and sign up tor email alerts!

Chablends provides workshops to our wholesale customers to teach baristas and staff the fundamentals of tea, tea service, and presentation. We also hold classes at several participating cafes and at our New Delhi headquarters on occasion.

Yes, Chablends ships all over the world.