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Chamomile Bliss


Chamomile tea is our favorite bedtime drink because it is a well-known medicinal treatment for insomnia. It’s been a long day, so fluff your cushions.

Ingredients: Chamomile flowers, fennel, and green tea.

Health Benefits: This caffeine-free tea is ideal for soothing sips throughout the day or before bed. This healing tea boosts your nervous system and is known to relieve colds and cramps. Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties can be extremely beneficial in treating colds and other infections, clearing skin irritations, and healing wounds.

Caffeine content: Zero

Origin of tea: Uttarakhand, India

Available as: 50g loose leaf

Notes on the palate: Warm, balmy, and soothing. Handle the flowers with care. The pollen from the chamomile flower is the dust at the bottom, and it is entirely safe to eat. It contributes to the Chamomile’s flavor profile.


Instructions for brewing:

1 tea bag or 1 tsp per cup (150ml). Always pour hot (80°C) water over the tea leaves, not the other way around. Steep for a couple of minutes. All of our teas, whether in tea bags or loose-leaf, can be rebrewed multiple times. Simply add hot water and steep for a longer period of time than before.

Serving Suggestion: Perfect to pair with a nice book; ours was accompanied by a Ruskin Bond. Warm, with half a teaspoon of honey on top. It’s also good without any sweets, but not with milk.

Advice for storage: Keep in the foil pouch in the tea tin or transfer to an airtight container and store in a cool, dark area.

Pack in small sealed packets or jars for storing in the refrigerator or freezer. To avoid condensation, allow the tea to cool to room temperature before using. After opening, each package should be used within a week.

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