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Tease your senses with this delightful cup of tea. Blue Pea Tea gets its name from the stunning azure color it takes on when steeped. Watch the deep blue turn purple when you add a few drops of lemon. This color-changing beauty provides not only an aesthetic treat but also a number of health benefits.

Ingredients: Whole dried blue pea blossoms, whole leaf green tea.

Health Benefits: Antioxidants are abundant in blue pea tea, just as they are in green tea. It’s great for digestion, cleanse, beauty, and brain health. Clitoria Ternatea, or blue pea flower, is also utilized in Ayurvedic treatment. It possesses anti-anxiety, anti-asthmatic, and pain-relieving qualities, as well as lowering blood pressure.

Caffeine content: Low

Origin of tea: South East Asia

Available as: 50g loose leaf

Notes on the palate: The flavor is fresh and citrusy, with a silky finish.


Instructions for brewing: 1 tea bag or 1 tsp per cup (150ml). Always pour hot (80°C) water over the tea leaves, not the other way around. Steep for a couple of minutes. Watch the color change as you add lemon to the taste. All of our teas, whether in tea bags or loose-leaf, can be rebrewed multiple times. Simply add hot water and steep for a longer period of time than before.

When is the best time to drink this tea? To help digestion, brew a cup of Blue Pea Green tea mid-morning or mid-evening after meals.

Serving Suggestions: It’s delicious hot or cold. To notice the color change, add a few drops of lemon, which also enhances the tea’s natural flavor. Colorful liquor infusions, cocktails, and herbal iced teas are all possibilities.

Advice for storage: Keep in the foil pouch in the tea tin or transfer to an airtight container and store in a cool, dark area.

Pack in small sealed packets or jars for storing in the refrigerator or freezer. To avoid condensation, allow the tea to cool to room temperature before using. After opening, each package should be used within a week.

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